Kem Cards For Poker – Unbiased Overview


The Cards For Poker have remained the same for generations of card games and styles of play which began in the great world wars where men would share the solitude with a game of cards to break the stalemate of the moment. The cards would stay the same, but card makers continued to perfect the best card materials and products that would fit well with each game of poker that was played.

The progression that occurred only altered the types of cards and not the game that players revere the finest card game of all time. The game of poker has continued the tradition of smart players winning over the less experienced card player no matter what kind of cards were in play slot online malaysia.

When in the war a man would hold his deck of Cards For Poker under his helmet with a rubber strap the lay across the crown of the helmet. During times when the fighting was slow, a company of military personnel could find a place to play a game of poker while waiting for the next order.

The cards that worked the best were make of a paper and coating that withstood the effects of high humidity and wet conditions. It was during these times that KEM Cards were in high demand from the men fighting oversees. Being sent a pack of these KEM cards meant that at anytime the friends could gather for the regular poker play to make the mood better and maybe win a few military bucks as well.

The new Card For Poker was a hit over seas and on the mainland as well. Instead of having to purchase new decks of paper stock cards, now the newest poker decks had a protective coating which made them last as much as 3 times as long as the older, less protected cards. The players may request a new deck for play, but instead of having to change out an old, worn out deck of cards, the host could reuse the KEM cards in the future.

Just because a deck was exchanged, the deck was only changed because of a player’s luck and not the deck itself. This continues into the 21 Century even though the KEM card company may have been sold, it was sure to send along all the best techniques and traditions of creating the perfect cards for poker that continue to be used by the highest stake tables and the most popular professional tournaments each year.

The history of KEM cards is as American as the game of Texas Hold ’em, a poker game that demands much of the new KEM card productions today. Traditional styles of card backs plus new images of the most popular poker companies and games are once again being produced by the new owners of the original KEM card maker.

The U.S. Playing Card Company continues the practice of delivering high quality protective coated cards for card play which includes the best pokers games in the world. These cards are requested and offered at the best games, even the local game you have on Thursday nights. Bring a great deck of cards to the game and keep them in play until you have all the chips in hand.

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